History of Establishment for Lika-Trans

LIKA Trans was founded by Mustaf Likaj in 1956.

In the very beginning Mr. Likaj’s business was unprocessed timber, until 1983, when he started processing wood and producing slats and other timber products.

Later, LIKA Trans started importing a variety of timber products from Bosnia and Herzegovina, until the onset of the war there in the early nineties.

Between 1991 and 1998, when war broke out in Kosovo, the company established its building materials business.

In June 1999, after the war that devastated both the country and the company, LIKA Trans entered a new era. The company started rebuilding, and has in the meantime re-established itself as a reputable supplier of high-quality products that fulfil the most demanding customer requirements.

In 1999, LIKA Trans had only two simple vehicles and one warehouse. Now, more than 50 vehicles that are operated around the clock, more than five warehouse sales outlets, and more than 100 employees are testimony to the fact that everything is possible if you work hard.

LIKA Trans can look back on more than six decades of constant market presence in pursuit of professional quality, reliability, and world-class customer support.